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Празднуемые святые*
apr. 1/14 Cellach, Bishop of Armagh, Ireland
Tewdric (Theodoric) (+595), Hermit and Martyr of Tintern, Wales
apr. 2/15 Ebba (the Second), Abbess of Coldingham, and Her Nuns, Martyred by the Danes
Bronach, Virgin of Glen-Seichis
Constantine II, King of Scotland, Martyr at Iona
apr. 3/16  
apr. 4/17 Tighernach (Torney) (+509), Bishop and Confessor of Clogher, Ireland, Missionary in Cornwall
Gwerir, Hermit of Hamstoke, Cornwall
Merryn (Merin) (+6th c.), Missionary in Cornwall and Brittany
apr. 5/18 Derfel of Llanderfel, Wales
Becan, Abbot of Kill-Beggan Near Cork, Ireland
Probus and Grace of Tressilian, Cornwall
Ethelburga (+647), Queen and Abbess of Lyminge, Kent, Daughter of King Saint Aethelbert, Wife of Saint Edwin (см. также 8 сентября)
apr. 6/19 Bertham, Bishop of Kirkwall, in the Orkney Islands
Ulched, Confessor of Anglesey, Wales
Elstan, Bishop of Ramsbury, England
apr. 7/20 Govan of Cornwall
Bernacus (Brynach), Hermit in Wales
Llewellyn and Gwrnerth, Monks of Bardsey Island, Wales
Goran, Friend of Saint Padraig
Finan, Abbot of Kinnitty
apr. 8/21  
apr. 9/22 Madrun, Widow in Wales — also of Cornwall, where she fled with her
child after her husband was killed in battle
Dotto, Abbot in the Orkney Islands
Theodore, Abbot of Crowland, Lincolnshire, His Prior Askega,
His Subprior Swithin, His Deacon Elfgete, His Subdeacon Savinus,
His Acolytes Egdred and Ulric, and Grimkeld and Agamund, Each Aged 100 Years,
Martyred by the Danes (+870)
Hedda, Abbot of Peterborough, England, and 84 Monks, Martyred by the Danes
apr. 10/23 Beocca, Abbot of Chertsey in Surrey, England, Hieromonk Ethor,
and Some 90 Other Monks, Martyrs
apr. 11/24 Guthlac, Priest-Hermit of Crowland, Lincolnshire
Mochua, Wonderworker and Confessor in Ireland
Machai, Abbot of the Isle of Bute, Scotland
Maedhog, Abbot of Clonmore, Ireland
apr. 12/25 Wigbert of Ireland, Preacher in Friesland
apr. 13/26 Winnoc, Bishop in Scotland
apr. 14/27 Tassach, Bishop of Raholp, Ireland
apr. 15/28 Paternus of England, Ordained in Jerusalem, Bishop of Vannes
Ruadhan (+584), Abbot and Bishop of Lothra, Ireland
Mundus, Abbot of Argyle, Scotland
Mstislav-Harold (in Holy Baptism, Theodore), Prince of Kiev,
Grandson of Saint Harold, the Last Orthodox King of England,
Son of King Harold's Daughter Gytha Who Fled England for Kiev
after the Norman Conquest of 1066
apr. 16/29 Paternus (Padarn), Bishop and Confessor of Llandbadarn Fawr, Wales
Donnan, Abbot of the Island of Eigg, Scotland,
and 52 Monks Martyred with Him by the Danes (+618) (см. также 17 апреля)
apr. 17/30 Donnan, Abbot of the Island of Eigg, Scotland,
and 52 Monks Martyred with Him by the Danes (+618) (см. также 16 апреля)
apr. 18/ may 1 Molios (Laserian, Laisren, Molaise) (+639), Abbot of Leighlin,
Who Brought Southern Ireland to Keep the Orthodox Pascha
Bitheus and Genocus, Monks in Ireland
Cogitosus "the Thinker," Confessor of Kildare, Ireland
apr. 19/ may 2 Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury, England, Martyr
apr. 20/ may 3 Caedwalla (Peter), King of Wessex
apr. 21/ may 4 Beuno, Abbot of Clynnog Fawr, Caernarvon, Wales
Eingan (Eneon), Hermit of Llyn, Bangor, Wales
Maelrubha (+722), Abbot of Applecross, Isle of Skye, Scotland
(см. также 22 августа)
apr. 22/ may 5 Rufus, Hermit of Glendalough, Ireland
On the Isle of Wight, Two Sons of Prince Arwald,
Martyred by King Caedwalla before His Conversion
apr. 23/ may 6 Passion of George the Great-Martyr, Patron of England,
at Lydda in Palestine
Iberius (Ibar), Bishop of Meath, Ireland
Aethelbert, King of Wessex
Ethelred, King of England
apr. 24/ may 7 Mellitus, Archbishop of Canterbury, England
Egbert, Bishop of Iona, Who Brought Iona to Keep the Orthodox Pascha
Translation of the Relics of Wilfrith, Archbishop of York, England
Uncovering of the Relics of Ive (Yvo),
Hermit and Bishop of Huntingdonshire, England
Dyfnan of Anglesey, Wales, Son of Saint Brychnan
Bova and Doda (+7th c.), Woman-Martyrs
apr. 25/ may 8 Maccail, Bishop of Croghan, Ireland
Maughold (Maccald, Machalus), Bishop of the Isle of Man (см. также 15 ноября и 31
Mella, Widow and Abbess of Doire-Melle, Leitrim, Ireland, Mother of Saints Cannech and Tigernach
apr. 26/ May 9  
apr. 27/ may 10 Tassach (Asicus), Bishop of Elphin, Ireland
Enoder, Abbot in Wales, Grandson of Saint Brychan of Brecknock
Winebald, Abbot of Beverly, England
apr. 28/ may 11 Cronan, Abbot of Roscrea, Ireland
Translation of the Relics of Winwaloe, Abbot in Wales
apr. 29/ may 12 Wilfrith II, Archbishop of York, England
Endelienta (Endellion), Nun-Recluse of Cornwall
Senan, Hermit in Northern Wales
Dichu, First Convert of Saint Padraig in Ulster
Fiachan, Monk of Lismore
Translation of the Relics of Edmund, King and Martyr of England
* Brioch (Brieux, Bryan) the Traveller, Bishop of Brittany (см. также 1 мая)
apr. 30/ may 13
Erkenwald, Bishop of London, Abbot of Chertsey, England
Cynwyl, Hermit in Northern Wales,
Brother of Saint Deinol (Daniel) of Bangor, Wales

* Все написания имен и названий в этой графе приводятся нами на английском языке.

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