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aug. 1/14 Ethelwold, Bishop of Winchester, England, and Father of Monks Menas, Menais and Companions, Martyrs of England
Cynedd (Kenneth), Hermit and Confessor of Gower, Wales
Rioch, Abbot of Innisboffin, Ireland, Nephew of Saint Padraig
Almedha, Virgin and Martyr, Daughter of Saint Brychan of Brecknock
aug. 2/15 Etheldritha, Princess and Hermitess of Crowland, Lincolnshire
Plegmund, Archbishop of Canterbury, England, and Tutor of King Alfred Finding of the Relics of Alban, Protomartyr of Britain
Sidwell (+6th c.), Virgin and Martyr of Exeter, Devonshire, England - there is a strong possibility that Sidwell ("scythe" and "well"?) is an Exeter 'doublet' of St Urith of Chittlehampton (see July 8), who was martyred by pagan reapers with their scythes and whose blood became a clear healing spring
Wulvella (+6th c.), Sister of St Sidwell (or St Urith - see note above)
aug. 3/16 Trea, Hermitess of Ardtree, County Derry, Ireland
Senach, Bishop of Clonard, Ireland
aug. 4/17 Luanus (Lugid), Abbot of Clonfert, Ireland, Who Founded 120 Monasteries and Wrote a Very Ascetic Rule
aug. 5/18 Oswald, Missionary and Martyred King of Northumbria
Gormgal, Abbot of Ardoilen, Ireland
aug. 6/19 The Transfiguration of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ
aug. 7/20
aug. 8/21
aug. 9/22 Phelim, Bishop of Kilmore, Ireland, Brother of Saint Dermot
Nathy (David), Abbot and Bishop of Achonry, Ireland, Founder of Schools
aug. 10/23 Gerontius, King of Devon, Martyred by the Saxons
Blane, Bishop of Bute, Scotland (см. также 1 августа)
aug. 11/24 Attracta, Abbess of Drum, Ireland
Lelia, Virgin of Limerick, Ireland
Blane, Bishop of Bute, Scotland (см. также 10 августа)
Digna (+4th c.), Woman-Solitary in Northumbria
aug. 12/25 Jambert, Abbot of Saint Augustine's and Archbishop of Canterbury, England
Merwenna, Virgin of Bude, Cornwall, Daughter of Saint Brychan of Brecknock Just of Penzance, Cornwall
aug. 13/26 Muredach, Bishop of Kallala, Ireland
aug. 14/27 Fachnan, Bishop of Rosscarberry, Ireland
aug. 15/28 The Dormition of the Theotokos
Maccarthen, Bishop of Clogher, Disciple of Saint Padraig
aug. 16/29
aug. 17/30 James, Deacon-Monk of York, England, Named by Saint Bede
Drithelm (+c. 700), Hermit of Maelros (Melrose), Scotland, Who Saw Hell as Related by Saint Bede (см. также 1 сентября)
aug. 18/31 Fiachra (Fiacre) of Ireland (+7th c.), Hermit and Founder of Saint-Fiacre-en-Brie, France (см. также 1 сентября)
Dageus, Bishop of Iniscaoin-Deghadh, Ireland
Evan, Hermit in Ayrshire, Scotland
Marnock (Ernene), Bishop of Kilmarnock in Scotland (см. также 25 октября)
Daig Maccairill, Bishop of Inis-Caoin, Ireland
aug. 19/ sep. 1 Mochta of County Louth, Ireland, Saint Padraig's Archpriest Credan, Abbot of Evesham, England
aug. 20/ sep. 2 Oswin, King and Martyr of Deira, Northumbria
Edbert of York, King and Martyr of Northumbria
aug. 21/ sep. 3 Moghtewe, Abbot in Ireland
Hardulf of Breedon, Leicestershire, England
aug. 22/ sep. 4 Sigfried, Deacon and Prior of Wearmouth, England
Ethelgitha, Abbess in Northumbria
Arnulf, Hermit of Eynesbury
Maelrubha (+722), Abbot of Applecross, Isle of Skye, Scotland (см. также 21 апреля)
aug. 23/ sep. 5 Eogain, Abbot in Ireland
Tydfil, Martyr of Glamorgan, Wales, Kinswoman of Saint Brychnan
aug. 24/ sep. 6 Padraig the Elder, Abbot in Ireland
Irchard, Bishop of the Picts, Ordained by Saint Ternan
aug. 25/ sep. 7 Ebba I, Abbess of Coldingham, Northumbria, Sister of King Oswy
Edbert of York, King and Monk of Northumbria At York, Translation of the Relics of Hilda, Abbess of Whitby
aug. 26/ sep. 8 Bregwin, Archbishop of Canterbury, Disciple of Saint Theodore
Pandwyna (Pandonia) (+904), Princess of Aberdeenshire, Nun and Martyr of Eltisley, Cambridgeshire
aug. 27/ sep. 9 Decuman, Hermit and Martyr of Dunster, Somersetshire, England
aug. 28/ sep. 10
aug. 29/ sep. 11 Edwold, King and Hermit of Carne, Dorsetshire, England, Brother of Saint Edmund the Martyr
Sebbi, King of the East Saxons, Monk of London, England
aug. 30/ sep. 12 Ayle of Ireland (+650), Missionary to Bavaria
Modan, Hermit of Killmodan, Ulster, Ireland
Loarn of Downpatrick, Ireland, Disciple of Saint Padraig
Translation of the Relics of Guthlac, Hieromonk of Crowland, Lincolnshire
aug. 31/ sep. 13 Aidan (+651), Founder and First Abbot-Bishop of Lindisfarne, and Enlightener of Northumbria
Cuthburga, Queen and Abbess of Wimborne, England
Eanswitha (Eanswyth), Abbess of Folkestone, Kent, England
Grand-daughter of King Saint Aethelbert
Translation of Columban of Ireland, Abbot and Founder of Luxeuil Abbey in France

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