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Празднуемые святые*
feb. 1/14

Brigid (Brid) (+525), Abbess of Kildare, and Her Disciple, Darlugdach, Nun
Jarlath, Bishop of Armagh, Ireland

Cinnia, Virgin of Ulster, Veiled by Saint Pàdraig
Crewenna the Confessor, Who Travelled with Saint Breaca of Cornwall
Euny of Cornwall, Brother of Ia (Ives) the Virgin and Martyr of Cornwall

feb. 2/15 The Meeting of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ
feb. 3/16

Ia (Ives), Virgin and Martyr of Cornwall
Caellainn, Virgin in Ireland

Werburga, Widow and Abbess of Hanbury in Mercia
Colmán MacDuach, Bishop of Connaught, Ireland
Laurence, Archbishop of Canterbury, England

feb. 4/17

Modan, Abbot of Stirling, Falkirk, and Maelros (Melrose), Scotland
Aldate of Gloucester, England

feb. 5/18 Indractus the Hermit, His Sister Dominica,
and Nine Others Martyred with Them at Glastonbury, England
feb. 6/19

Mel of Armagh, Melchus and Munis of Lough Lee, Bishops, and Rioch, Abbot in Ireland, Nephews of Saint Padraig
Finian, Abbot in Ireland
Ina, King of the West Saxons

feb. 7/20 Augulus (Aule), Bishop and Martyr of London
Richard of Wessex, Confessor
Ronan of Innerleithen, Bishop of Kilmaronen, Scotland (см. также 1 июня)
feb. 8/21 Cuthman, Hermit at Steyning in Sussex, England
Kigwe (Keve, Kew), Virgin of Monmouthshire, Wales
Elfleda, Abbess of Whitby after Saint Hilda
Oncho of Clonmore, the Poet
feb. 9/22 Teilo, Bishop of Llandaff, Wales
Taraghta, Virgin in Ireland
Eingan, Hermit of Llanengan, Wales
Cuaran the Wise, Bishop of Iona
Cronan the Wise, Bishop in Ireland and Canonist
Oncho of Clonmore, the Poet
feb. 10/23 Merwinna, Abbess of Romsey, England
Trumwin, Bishop of Abercorn
feb. 11/24 Ecian, Bishop in Ireland
Gobnata (Gobnet), Abbess in County Cork, Ireland
Caedmon, Monk of Whitby, Disciple of Saint Hilda,
Father of English Poetry
feb. 12/25 Ethilwald, Abbot of Maelros (Melrose), Bishop of Lindisfarne
feb. 13/26 Ermenilda, Queen and Abbess of Ely, England
Huna, Priest-Monk of Ely, England
Dyfnog, Confessor of Denbighshire, Wales
Uncovering of the Relics of Edward, King of England and Martyr
Modomnock O'Neill, Bishop
feb. 14/27 Conran (+7th c.), Bishop of the Orkney Islands
feb. 15/28 Berach, Abbot and Bishop of Cluain, Ireland
Dochow of Wales
Farannan, Abbot of Iona
feb. 16/ mar. 1  
feb. 17/ mar. 2 Finan, Bishop of Lindisfarne
Fintan, Abbot of Clonenagh (Cluan-Ednech), Ireland
Loman and Fortchern, Bishops in Trim, Ireland
Curig (Cyric) (+550) of Ireland, Abbot of Llangurig, Wales.
feb. 18/ mar. 3
Colman (+7th c.), Bishop and Confessor, Last Columban Abbot of Lindisfarne, Founder of Inishbofin and Mayo
Reception at Shaftesbury of Edward, King of England and Martyr
St. Leo
feb. 19/ mar.4 Odran of Ireland (+5th c.), Saint Padraig's Chariot-Driver, Slain in an Attempt of Holy Padraig's Life
feb.20/ mar. 5 Bolcan, Bishop of Derkan, Ireland
Mildred of Thanet, Abbess of Minster, England
Colgan, Abbot of Clonmacnoise, Ireland
feb. 21/ mar. 6  
feb. 22/ mar. 7 Elwyn (+6th), Companion of Saint Breaca of Cornwall
feb. 23/ mar. 8 Jurmin, Prince and Confessor of East Anglia
Mildburga (Milburgh), Abbess of Much Wenlock, England
* Boisil (Boswell), Abbot of Maelros (Melrose), Scotland (см. также 7 июля)
feb. 24/ mar. 9 Aethelbert, King of Kent, and His Wife's Chaplain, Liuthard,
Bishop from Senlis
feb. 25/ mar. 10 Walburgh the Myrrh-Giver, Abbess in England
feb. 26/ mar. 11  
feb. 27/ mar. 12 Herefrith, Bishop of Lincolnshire, England
Comgan, Abbot in Ireland
Alnoth, Hermit and Martyr of Stowe, England
feb. 28/ mar. 13 Oswald, King of Northumbria
Oswald, Bishop of Worcester, England
Aidus of Ireland
Llibio, Confessor of Anglesey, Wales
Maidoc, Bishop
Sulien (Silouan, Sillan), Abbot of Bangor, Wales

* Все написания имен и названий в этой графе приводятся нами на английском языке.

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