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Январь 16/29

Saint Fursey of Burgh Castle

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 5)

Establishing thy monastery in a Roman fortress thou didst teach men that the Orthodox Faith is a true bastion against the onslaughts of every evil force, O Father Fursey. Wherefore, pray to God for us that we may all be bastions of the Faith, standing firm against the rising tide of falsehood, and that our souls may be saved.

Kontakion (Tone 4)

Thou didst need the walls of stone to defend the Faith against its pagan enemies, O Father Fursey, but pray for us that we may have a spiritual wall around us to defend the Faith against its enemies. Following thee and praising thine eternal memory, we stand firm against every error, ever singing: Rejoice, beloved of God, our Father Fursey.

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Кельтский календарь

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