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нов. ст.)
Празднуемые святые*
mar. 1/14 Dewi (David), Archbishop of Menevia, Wales, Confounder of Pelagians
Marnoc, Bishop of Annandale, Scotland
Monan, Archdeacon of Saint Andrew's, Scotland
mar. 2/15 Ceadda (Chad) (+672), Bishop of Lichfield, and His Brother, Cynibil (+679)
— their brother is Saint Cedd (см. также 26 октября)
Slebhin, Abbot of Iona
Fergna the White, Abbot of Iona
mar. 3/16 Non (Nonnita), Widow in Wales, Mother of Saint Dewi (David)
Foila, Virgin of Galway, Ireland
Owen, Hermit of Lichfield, England
Christicola, Bishop of Leinster, Ireland
Lamalisse, Hermit of Lamlash, Scotland
mar. 4/17 Holy Hieromartyrs Adrian (Magirdle), Bishop of Saint Andrew's,
Stalbrand, Geodianus, Caius, Clodian, and Companions,
on the Isle of May, Scotland (+875)
Gistilian, Confessor of Menevia, Wales
Owen of Lastingham, Monk of Lichfield, Disciple of Saint Etheldreda
mar. 5/18 Ciaran, Bishop and Confessor of Ossory, Ireland
Piran of Padstowe, Monk of Perranporth, Cornwall
Colman of Armagh, Buried by Saint Padraig
Caron, Bishop of Tregaron, Cardiganshire, Wales
mar. 6/19 Baldred (+8th c.), Priest, and Bilfred (Billfrith) (+8th c.) the Goldsmith,
Hermits of Lindisfarne
Kinneburga (Cyneburgh), Her Sister, Kinneswitha (Cyneswith),
Abbesses of Caistor, and Their Kinswoman Tibbe,
Virgin of Peterborough, England (+7th c.)
Baldred, Hermit and Bishop in Scotland
Fridolin (+6th c.?) of Ireland, Known as "The Traveller"
Cadroel (+976) of Armagh, Ireland
mar. 7/20 Esterwin, Abbot and Confessor of Wearmouth, England
Wennedoc, Confessor in Wales
Deifer ("God-bearing"), Abbot of Flintshire, Founder of Bodfari
mar. 8/21 Felix, Bishop of Dunwich, Apostle of East Anglia
Senan, Archbishop and Confessor of Iniscathy, Ireland
Rhian, Abbot of Pembrokeshire, Wales
Beoadh (Beatus), Bishop of Roscommon, Ireland
Duthac, Bishop of Ross, Scotland
mar. 9/22 Bosa, Bishop of York, England
* Constantine (+575) of Govan, King of Cornwall, Monk, and in Kintyre,
Protomartyr of Scotland (см. также 11 марта)
mar. 10/23 Failbhe the Little, Abbot of Iona
Kessog (Makessog) of Lennox, Bishop of Loch Lomond, Scotland
(см. также 13 января)
mar. 11/24 Oengus (Angus) (+9th c.) the Culdee, Hermit and Bishop of Keld, Ireland,
Writer of the Martyrology of Oengus
Constantine (+575) of Govan, King of Cornwall, Monk, and in Kintyre,
Protomartyr of Scotland (см. также 9 марта)
mar. 12/25 Alphege (+951) the Bald, Bishop of Winchester, England
Muran, Abbot of Fathinis, Ireland
Pawl Hen (Paul Arelian, Paulinus) (+573), Prince of Wales,
Disciple of Saint Illtud, Bishop of Saint Pol-de-Leon in Brittany
mar. 13/26 Mochoemog (+655), Abbot of Liathmor (Lauth), Ireland
Gerald (+732), Abbot and Bishop of Mayo, Ireland
Kennocha (Quevoca) (+7th c.), Hermitess and Virgin of Kyle, Scotland
mar. 14/27
Talmach, Confessor of Lough Erc
St. Benedict
mar. 15/28  
mar. 16/29 Apostle Aristobulus (+1st c.) of the Seventy, Bishop and Martyr in Britain
Finian the Leper, Abbot and Founder of Innisfallen,
Disciple of Saint Brendan
Abbanus (Kirin Boniface) (+630), Bishop of Ross, Scotland
Columba, Virgin and Martyr in England
mar. 17/30
Padraig (Patrick) (+461), Bishop of Armagh, Enlightener of Ireland
Withburgh (+c. 743), Princess of East Anglia, Solitary of East Dereham,
Norfolk, and Founder of a Nunnery There — when her holy relics were
exhumed, a holy well sprang up which still exists
Lulach, Last Orthodox King of Scotland
Llinio (+520), Abbot and Founder of Llandinam, Powys, Wales
mar. 18/31 Passion of Edward, King and Martyr of England, Near Corfe Castle, Dorset (+979)
Egbert, Monk of Ripon, England
Finan (+595) of Aberdeen, Disciple of Saint Kentigern (Mungo)
Frediano (Frigidian) (+588?) of Ireland, Bishop of Lucca, Italy
— sometimes identified with St Finian of Magh Bile
(см. 10 сентября), who was also a sixth-century Bishop from Ulster,
but that the two men were one has not been established
mar. 19/ apr. 1 Alcmund of Northumbria, King and Martyr
Lactan, Abbot of Clonfert, Ireland
mar. 20/ apr. 2 Cuthbert (+687), Bishop of Lindisfarne and Wonderworker of Britain
Herbert, Priest-Hermit of Derwent Water, England
mar. 21/ arp. 3 Enda, Abbot of Aran, Father of Irish Monasticism
mar. 22/ apr. 4 Darerca, Widow, Sister of Saint Padraig
Failbhe, Abbot of Iona after Saint Cummian
mar. 23. apr. 5 Gwinear of Cornwall
Fingar, Piala, and Companions, Martyrs in Cornwall
Ethelwold, Priest-Hermit on the Isle of Farne
Maidoc, Abbot of Fiddown
mar. 24/ apr. 6 Hildelitha, Abbess and Martyr of Barking, England
Dunchad, Abbot of Iona
Sebba, King and Monk in England
Mackartin (+505), Bishop of Clogher, Companion of Saint Padraig
Domangart, Bishop of Slieve Donarth, Ireland
Caimin, Abbot of Lough Derg
mar. 25/ apr. 7 The Annunciation to the Theotokos
Alfwold, Bishop of Sherborne, England
mar. 26/ apr. 8 Mochelloc, Abbot of Kilmallock, Ireland
Sincheall, Abbot of Killeigh
Garbhan, Abbot in Ireland
Govan (Gowan, Gobhan, Gawaine) (+586), Hermit of Pembrokeshire, Wales
mar. 27/ apr. 9 Alkelda (Athilda), Virgin and Martyr in Yorkshire, England
mar. 28/ apr. 10  
mar. 29/ apr. 11 Gwynllw (Gundleus) (+523), King and Hermit of Wales
Gwladys (Gladys) (+6th c.), Widow, Wife of Saint Gwynllw,
Mother of Saint Cadoc, Daughter of Saint Brychan of Brecknock
mar. 30/ apr. 12 Fergus, Bishop of Downpatrick, Ireland
Tola, Abbot and Bishop of Disert Tola, Meath, Ireland
Osburga, Abbess of Coventry, England
Translation of the Relics of Edmund, King and Martyr of East Anglia
Regulus, Abbot of Fife, Scotland (см. также 17 октября)
mar. 31/ apr. 13 Translation of the Relics of Aldhelm, Bishop of Sherborne

* Все написания имен и названий в этой графе приводятся нами на английском языке.

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