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Февраль 17/ Март 2

Saint Finan of Iona and Lindisfarne

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 2)

As Aidan's successor thou didst rule the See of Lindisfarne fearlessly, preaching the Orthodox Faith, O holy Hierarch Finan. Boldly obeying the Gospel command, thou didst soften the stony heart of Mercia's pagan Prince Peada and win his soul for Christ. Pray for us, O Saint, that Christ alone will rule in our hearts, that He may save our souls.

Kontakion (Tone 6)

Great Hierarch of the Christian North and radiant luminary of the Orthodox Faith, O Hierarch Finan, by thy preaching to all nations the warlike Mercians were illumined by the light of Christ's holy Gospel. As we keep festival in thy honour we pray for grace to emulate thy righteous example.

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