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Февраль 18/ Март 3

Saint Colman of Lindisfarne and Inishboffin

Dismissal Hymn (Tone 4)

As an upholder of Orthodox discipline, thou didst show forth in thy life the pre-eminence of holy Tradition, O all-praised Hierarch Colman. With great personal sacrifice, thou wast true to thy teachers, wherefore we pray that we may unhesitatingly follow our fathers in the Faith with loyalty and devotion and thereby be guided into the way of salvation.

Kontakion (Tone 2)

By the mercy of our God, thy very life was a sermon, O Father Colman, light of the true Faith and example of constancy and piety, teaching all by thy selfless devotion. Praising thee we pray that, withstanding novelty and innovation, we may always give glory to Christ our God.

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Кельтский календарь

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