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нов. ст.)
Празднуемые святые*
may 1/14 Asaph, Bishop in Wales
Cellach, Bishop of Killala, Ireland
Kevoca, Virgin of Kyle, Scotland
Brioch (Brieux, Bryan) the Traveller, Bishop of Brittany (см. также 29 апреля)
may 2/15 Neachtain of Ireland, Kinsman of Saint Padraig
Gluvias, Abbot in Cornwall
may 3/16 Fumach, Hermit in Scotland
Conleth, Bishop of Kildare, Ireland
Scannal of Cell-Coleraine, Ireland, Preacher
and Disciple of Saint Columcille

Ethelwin, Bishop of Lindsey
may 4/17 Ethelred, King and Monk of Bardney, England
may 5/18 Hydroc of Lanhydroc, Cornwall
Gibrian, Hermit in Ireland
Echa, Hieromonk and Hermit of Crayck Near York, England
Translation of the Relics of Aldhelm, Bishop of Sherborne, England
Translation of the Relics of Owen
may 6/19 Edbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne
may 7/20 John of Beverly, Bishop of York, England, Who Ordained Saint Bede
to the Presbyterate
Liudhard, Bishop of Canterbury, England
may 8/21 Catald of Ireland, Bishop of Tarentum
Indractus, King of Ireland, and Those Martyred with Him at Shapwick
Odrian, Bishop of Waterford, Ireland
may 9/22 Gofor, Confessor of Llanover in Monmouthshire, Wales
Sanctan, Bishop of Kill-da-Less
may 10/23 Comgall (+601), Bishop and Founder of Bangor Monastery, Ireland (см. также 11 мая)
Enshrining of Bede the Venerable at Durham, England
may 11/24 Fremund of Dunstable, King and Martyr
at Harbury in Warwickshire, England
Comgall (+601), Bishop and Founder of Bangor Monastery, Ireland
may 12/25 Diomma of Kildimo in County Limerick, Ireland, Teacher of Saint Declan
Ethelhard, Archbishop of Canterbury, England
may 13/26 Mel (Mael), Hermit of Bardsey Island, Wales
Merwenna, Abbess of Rumsey
Dympna, Martyred with her Confessor in France
may 14/27 Carthage the Younger, Abbot and Bishop of Lismore,
Who Wrote a Monastic Rule in Verse
may 15/28 Brithwin, Abbot of Beverly, England
Colman (Columban), Abbot and Founder of Oughaval Monastery, Ireland
may 16/29 Breandan (Brendan) the Navigator (+577), Abbot and Founder
of Clonfert, Ireland, Who Sailed to America
Carantoc of Carhampton, Abbot and Founder of Llangranog, Wales
may 17/30 Madern, Hermit of Cornwall
Cathan, Bishop of the Isle of Bute, Scotland
Maidulf, Abbot at Malmesbury, England
may 18/31 Feredarius, Abbot of Iona
Merililaun of Britain, Martyred Near Reims
Translation of the Relics of Elgiva, Queen of England and Nun of Shaftesbury
may 19/ jun. 1 Dunstan (+988), Abbot of Glastonbury, Twenty-Sixth Archbishop of Canterbury
(см. также 7 сентября)
may 20/ jun. 2 Aethelbert, King of East Anglia, Martyred at Hereford
may 21/ jun. 3 Barrfoin, Hermit of Killbaron in Donegal, Ireland, Who Sailed to America and Informed Saint Brendan
Colan, Confessor of Denbighshire, Wales
Godric, Hermit of Finchale
may 22/ jun. 4 Helen of Wales (Elen Luyddog) (+5th c.), Daughter of King Eudaf of Ewyas,
Wife of Magnus Maximus (Macsen Wledig), Mother of St Constantine (Gestynin)
and St Peblig, with whom she introduced the Celtic form of monasticism of
St Gregory of Tours into Wales
Conall, Abbot of Inniscoel
may 23/ jun. 5 Goban, Abbot of Old Leighlin Monastery at Tascaffin in County Limerick, Ireland
may 24/ jun. 6  
may 25/ jun. 7 Aldhelm, Bishop of Sherborne, England
Dunchadh, Abbot of Iona, in Whose Day the Orthodox Pascha
Was Accepted in Scotland
may 26/ jun. 8 Bede the Venerable, Priest-Monk, Commentator, Historian and Scientist
Augustine, Bishop of Canterbury, Apostle to England
Becan, Hermit of Cork, Ireland
Odulvald, Abbot of Maelros (Melrose), Scotland
Bertha, Queen of England, Apostle to the Anglo-Saxons at Kent
Edmund, King of England
may 27/ jun. 9 Melangell, Virgin of Wales
may 28/ jun. 10  
may 29/ jun. 11 Burian, Virgin in Cornwall
Translation of the Relics of Dyfrig, Archbishop of Caerleon, Wales
may 30/ jun. 12 Walstan the Generous, Farm-Labourer Near Norwich at Taverham, England
may 31/ jun. 13 Winnow, Manx and Myrbad, Confessors of Cornwall

* Все написания имен и названий в этой графе приводятся нами на английском языке.

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