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Празднуемые святые*
oct. 1/14 Melor (Mylor) of Cornwall, Child-Martyr
oct. 2/15
oct. 3/16 Ewald the Fair and Ewald the Dark (+695) of Northumbria, Missionary Priests
and Martyrs in Germany
oct. 4/17
oct. 5/18 Murdoc the Culdee in Argyleshire, Hermit
oct. 6/19 Cummian the White, Abbot of Iona
Failbhe, Abbot in Scotland
Ceollach, Bishop of the Mercians
oct. 7/20 Dubtach, Archbishop of Armagh
Osyth of Chich (+c. 700), Essex, Princess and Martyr

Canog, Son of Saint Brychan of Brecknock
Franca, Promptia and Possena, Sisters of St Helanus of Cornwall
oct. 8/21 Translation of the Relics of Aidan, Bishop of Lindisfarne and Enlightener of Northumbria
Translation of the Relics of Ceolfrith (Geoffrey),
Abbot and Confessor of Wearmouth and Jarrow
Iwigius (Iwi) of Lindisfarne (+c. 690), Deacon and Hermit of Wilton,
Disciple of Saint Cuthbert
Keyna, Virgin, Daughter of Saint Brychan of Brecknock
Ceallan (Helen), Priest-Hermit of Cornwall and Brittany
Triduana (Trollhoena, Tredwell) of Restalrig in Scotland, Virgin (см. также 9 ноября)
oct. 9/22  
oct. 10/23 Paulinus (+644), First Archbishop of York
Patrician, Bishop in Scotland
oct. 11/24 Cainnech (Canice, Kenneth) (+c. 600), Abbot of Kilkenny, Ireland
Ethelburga (+675), Abbess of Barking, Essex, Sister of Saint Erkenwald
oct. 12/25 Edwin, King of Northumbria Wilfrith, Bishop and Confessor of York
Fiech (Fiacc), Bishop of Sletty in Ireland, Friend of Saint Padraig
oct. 13/26 Comgan (Cowan), Abbot of Lochalsh, Brother of Saint Kentigerna, Hermitess of Loch Lomond
Fyncana and Fyndocha of Scotland, Virgins
oct. 14/27 Manaccus, Abbot of Caer Gybi (Holyhead) in Wales
Manacca, Abbess of Cornwall
Harold, Last Orthodox King of England, and Those Killed with Him at Hastings
oct. 15/28 Ethelric, Bishop of Durham
Translation of the Relics of Oswald, Archbishop of York
oct. 16/29 Gall of Ireland, Priest and Hermit, Enlightener of Switzerland
Ciara of Cork, Virgin
Colman, Bishop of Killruadh in Ireland
oct. 17/30 Nothelm, Archbishop of Canterbury, England, Friend of Saint Bede
Elevation of the Incorrupt Relics of Etheldreda, Queen, Abbess of Ely
Ethelred and Aethelbert of Kent, Princes and Martyrs, Great-Grandsons of Saint Aethelbert
Regulus, Abbot of Fife, Scotland (see also March 30)
Colman of Kilroot
Louthiern of Cornwall
oct. 18/31 Gwen, Abbess, Aunt of Saint Dewi (David) of Wales
Gwendolyn, Abbess in Wales
Brothen of Wales
Gwen (Candida, Blanche) of Talgarth, Martyr, Daughter of Saint Brychan of Brecknock
Selevan of Wales, Martyr
Monon of Scotland, Hermit in the Ardennes, Martyr
Wenna of Wales
oct. 19/
nov. 1
Frideswitha (Frideswide) of Oxford, Abbess of Saint Mary's
Ethbin, Abbess of Kildare
Eadnoth, Bishop of Dorchester, Martyr
oct. 20/
nov. 2
Acca, Bishop of Hexham, Friend of Saint Bede
Bradan, Bishop of the Isle of Man
Orora of the Isle of Man
oct. 21/ nov. 3 Fintan Munnu, Abbot of Taghmon in Ireland
Tuda, Bishop of Lindisfarne
Ordination of Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, England
oct. 22/ nov. 4  

oct. 23/ nov. 5


Ethelfleda, Abbess of Romsey, England, Mentor of Saint Dunstan
Columba of Cornwall, Virgin and Martyr
oct. 24/ nov. 6 Cadfarch, Monk of Montgomery, Founder of Churches
Maelor of Wales
oct. 25/ nov. 7 Caidin, Confessor in Ireland
Canna, Saudren and Crallo, Confessors in Wales
Translation of the Relics of John, Bishop of Beverley
Marnock (Ernene), Bishop of Kilmarnock in Scotland (см. также 18 августа).
oct. 26/ nov. 8 Cedd (+664), Founder of Lastingham, Bishop and Apostle of the East Saxons - his brothers are Saints Ceadda (Chad) and Cynibil (см. 2 марта)
Daria and Derbilia of Connaught, Virgins
Nasad, Beoan and Mellan, Hermits in Down, Ireland
Gwinoc and His Father Aneurin (Gildas), Monks in Wales
Tudyr, Confessor of Wales
Eata, Abbot of Lindisfarne, Bishop of
Hexham Cuthbert, Archbishop of Canterbury, England
Eadfrith, Priest-Monk of Leominster
Edfrith, Bishop of Lindisfarne
Bean, Bishop of Morthlach in Leinster
Alfred the Great, King of England (+899)
oct. 27/ nov. 9 Otteran (Odhran), Abbot of Iona
Ia and Breacha of Cornwall, Virgins
Athelstan, King of England
Abban of Wexford, Founder of Monasteries, Nephew of Saint Coemgen
Colman, Abbot of Senboth-fola in Ireland
oct. 28/ nov. 10 Dorbheneus, Abbot of Iona
Eadsin, Archbishop of Canterbury, England, Who Crowned King Edward the Confessor
oct. 29/ nov. 11 Elfleda, Princess, Abbess of Rumsey
Kinnera (Kennera), Hermitess at Kirk Kinner in Galloway, Scotland
Colman of Kilmacduagh, Galway
oct. 30/ nov. 12 Talaric, Bishop in Scotland
Illogan of Cornwall, Confessor
Egelnoth the Good, Archbishop of Canterbury, England
Leofric, Earl of Mercia
Ordination of Swithin, Bishop of Winchester, England
oct. 31/ nov. 13 Herygh (Urith) of Cornwall, Brother of Saint Ia (Ives) the Virgin and Martyr of Cornwall
Begu, Nun of Hackness
* Bega (+7th c.), Anchoress of St Bee's Head Cumberland, Founder of a Monastery Near Whitehaven, England (см. также 6 сентября)
Foillan of Fosses

* Все написания имен и названий в этой графе приводятся нами на английском языке.

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