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sep. 1/14

Beginning of the Liturgical Year
Fiachra (Fiacre) of Ireland (+7th c.), Hermit and Founder of Saint-Fiacre-en-Brie, France (see also August 18)
Lythan of Llandaff, Wales
Drithelm (+c. 700), Hermit of Maelros (Melrose), Scotland, Who Saw Hell as Related by Saint Bede (см. также 17 августа)

sep. 2/15 Lolan, Bishop in Scotland
Hieu (+7th c.), Abbess of Tadcaster, Yorkshire, England Who Was Tonsured by Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne
sep. 3/16 Translation of the Relics of Edward, King of England and Martyr, to the Orthodox Church of Saint Edward at Brookwood, Near Guildford Oengus (Angus)
Mac Nisse, Bishop of Connor, Dalriada
Balin, Confessor of Tuam, Ireland
Balin (+7th c.), Prince and Monk of Lindisfarne, Brother of Saint Gerald
Hereswith (+690) of Northumbria, Nun of Gaul, Sister of Saint Hilda
sep. 4/17 Translation of the Relics of Birinus, Bishop of Dorchester-on-Thames and Enlightener of Wessex
Translation of the Relics of Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne
Monessa of Ireland, Virgin Rhuddlad, Virgin of Anglesey, Wales
sep. 5/18
sep. 6/19 Bega (+7th c.), Anchoress of St Bee's Head, Cumberland, Founder of a Monastery Near Whitehaven, England (см. также 31 октября)
Maculin, Bishop of Lusk, Scotland
Felix, Priest, and Augebert, Deacon, of England
Slaves Redeemed by Saint Gregory the Great, Martyrs at Champagne, France
sep. 7/20 Alcmund (+781) and Tilbert (+789), Bishops of Hexham, England
Dunstan (+988), Abbot of Glastonbury, Twenty-Sixth Archbishop of Canterbury (см. также 19 мая)
sep. 8/21 Nativity of the Theotokos
Kinemark (Cynfarch), Chieftain and Confessor, Disciple of Saint Dyfrig, in Wales
Ina (+727), King of Wessex, Restorer of Glastonbury, and His Queen Ethelburga (+727)
Ethelburga (+647), Queen and Abbess of Lyminge, Kent, Daughter of King Saint Aethelbert, Wife of Saint Edwin (см. также 5 апреля)
sep. 9/22 Ciaran of Clonmacnois (+549) Osmanna of Ireland, Hermitess
Wulfhilda (+c. 1000), Abbess of Barking and Horton, Prophetess and Wonderworker
Bettelin (Bertram) (+8th c.), Prince and Hermit of Crowland, Lincolnshire, Disciple of St Guthlac
Argariarga of Ireland (+c. 650), Hermitess in Brittany
Wilfrida (+c. 988), Mother of Saint Edith and Abbess of Wilton, Who Repented of a Sinful Youth and Was Tonsured by St Ethelwold of Winchester (см. также 13 сентября)
sep. 10/23 Finian of Magh Bile (Moville), County Down,
Ulster (+579)
Frithestan (+932), Bishop of Winchester, England
Otger of Northumbria (+8th c.), Monk and Missionary, Disciple of St Wiro and St Plechelm
Translation of the Relics of Egwin, Bishop of Worcester
Translation of the Relics of Ethelwold, Bishop of Winchester, England
sep. 11/24 Deiniol (Daniel), Bishop of Bangor, Wales
sep. 12/25 Ailbas (Elvis), Bishop of Emley (Ireland)
sep. 13/26 Wilfrida (+c. 988), Mother of Saint Edith and Abbess of Wilton, Who Repented of a Sinful Youth and Was Tonsured by St Ethelwold of Winchester (см. также 9 сентября)
Theneva (Thenu, Enoch, Denw), Virgin of Glasgow, Mother of Saint Kentigern (Mungo) - some authorities associate her with St Dwynen of Wales (см. также 25 января)
sep. 14/27 The Elevation of the Precious and Life-giving Cross
Cormac of Cashel, King of Munster, and Bishop
sep. 15/28 Mirrin (Merinus) of Bangor, Ireland, Abbot of Paisley
Hernan of Brittany
sep. 16/29 Ninian (Nynia, Ninnidh) (+c. 432), Apostle to the Picts, Abbot of Candida Casa ("White House") Monastery, Bishop of Whithorn
Edith (+984), Abbess of Wilton, Daughter of Saint Edgar and Saint Wilfrida, Who Was Distinguished for Her Generosity to the Poor and Familiarity with Wild Animals
sep. 17/30 Socrates and Stephen, Martyrs at Monmouth, Wales
sep. 18/ oct. 1 Higbald, Abbot and Hermit in Lincolnshire
sep. 19/ oct. 2 Theodore of Tarsus (+690), Eighth Archbishop of Canterbury
sep. 20/ oct. 3
sep. 21/ oct. 4 Mabenna, Daughter of Saint Brychan of Brecknock
sep. 22/ oct. 5 Llolan
sep. 23/ oct.6 Adamnan (+704), Abbot of Iona Aelfwald, King of Northumbria
Cissa (+8th c.), Hermit in Northumbria, Disciple of Saint Guthlac
sep.24/ oct. 7 Berchtun, Abbot of Beverley, Disciple of Saint John of Beverley
sep. 25/ oct. 8 Ceolfrith (Geoffrey), Abbot and Confessor of Wearmouth and Jarrow
Findbar (Barry), Hermit of Gougane, Abbot of Cork
Caian of Tregaian in Anglesey, Wales, Son of Saint Brychan of Brecknock Mewrog of Denbighshire, Wales
Fimbert, Bishop in Scotland
Cadoc (Cadog), Abbot of Llancarfan (+6th c.)
Egelred (+870), Martyr of Crowland, Lincolnshire
sep. 26/ oct. 9 Colmanel, Abbot in Ireland, Nephew of Saint Columcille
Morgan (Mawgan), Hermit in Cornwall, Disciple of Saint Iltutus
sep. 27/ oct. 10 Barry (Barrog), Disciple of Saint Cadoc Wulsin, Bishop and Confessor of Sherborne
Sigebert, King of East Anglia and Monk
sep. 28/ oct. 11 Tetta (+c. 772), Abbess of Wimborne, Dorset, and Wonderworker, Friend of Saint Boniface
Lioba (+782), Nun of Minster-in-Thanet and Later of Wimborne, Dorset, Under Saint Tetta; She Was Sent to Help Her Relative, Saint Boniface, in Germany, Where She Became an Abbess
Conwall of Scotland, Priest, Disciple of Saint Kentigern
Forseus, Bishop in Ireland
Machan, Bishop in Scotland
sep. 29/ oct. 12
sep. 30/ oct. 13 Honorius (+653), Fifth Archbishop of Canterbury
Tancred, Torthred (men) and Tova (woman), Hermits of Thorney, Cambridgeshire, Martyred by the Danes (+870)
Midan of Anglesey, Wales
Engenedl of Anglesey, Wales

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