Scholarly Informational Portal and a specialized Library "The Celtic Arc"

Short description of the project. We have planned to create a scholarly informational project "The Celtic Arc" which will be the first Russian informational resource devoted to Celtic Christianity. The aim of this historical and culturological project is to attract attention of specialists in the humanities to the phenomenon of Celtic Church that has not been covered in Russian language resources. For the firsts time readers will be offered a solid conception of a project which will include materials on pre-Christian and Christian history of the Celts, literary criticism, Celtic art and sources. An interactive calendar of Celtic and Old English saints with fragments of their biographies and liturgical texts for their days together with sections devoted to Celtic prayer and pilgrims will be a wonderful addition to the project.

This project is unique because most of materials are translated and published in Russian for the first time and they will become available to a wide range of readers. The total size of the project will be 20 Megabits. Historians, culturologists, literary critics, theologians, religious studies scholars and all those interested in history of the Early Christian Church will be readers of the project.

What we have already done. Authors of the project have a number of publications on Scandinavian history and five years of experience in realization of similar informational projects (one of the examples could be informational and analytical portal "Woman in Religions",, that was earlier supported by the Russian Science Fund for the Humanities). At present the authors have developed a conception for the project, listed a number of materials for transferring into electronic format, the first translations have been done and are still being done. The Internet address of the project is:

Contents of the project.

The project consists of the following sections:

1. Pre-Christian Celtic history (geography, history, religion, gods, mythology, culture);
2. "The Celtic Arc" - History of the Celtic Church on the British Islands. Introduction: а) definition of concepts, b) geography, c) time-frames; Christianity in Ireland; Christianity in Scotland; Christian mission in England (The Northern Lands - Northumberland; Celtic locations in England); "golden ages" of the Celtic Church.
3. Features of Celtic spirituality.
4. Calendar of Celtic and Old English saints with fragments of their biographies and liturgical texts for their days.
5. Celtic prayer.
6. Pilgrimage to Celtic sacred places.
7. Literature.
8. Celtic Christian art.
9. History of study of Celtic Christianity.

All of these sections include texts, illustrations, bibliographical materials and necessary link tools and are independent part of a unified electronic library. The clear structure of the site allows to make searches in the library easier.

The project is designed for two years (2005-2006).

Results planned for the end of 2005 - opening of the scholarly informational project and a specialized electronic library for the project and filling them up with materials up to 50% of the planned total amount. Particular attention will be paid to such sections as "Pre-Christian Celtic history", "The Celtic Arc", "Literature", "Art" and "History of study of Celtic Christianity". We are also planning to complete creation of the calendar with biographies of Celtic saints.

For 2006 we plan the following: continuation of work on translation of original sources; completion of work on the following sections: "Pre-Christian Celtic history", "The Celtic Arch", "Literature", "Art" and "History of Study of Celtic Christianity"; development of the following sections and filling them with necessary information: "Features of Celtic spirituality", "Celtic prayer", "Pilgrimage to Celtic sacred places"; transferring of prepared materials onto CD and distribution among University and scholarly libraries that have no connection to the Internet.

We invite you for cooperative work within the theme "Christianity on the British Islands".

We lacks financial and resource support and we would be grateful for any kind of help.

With all questions related to the project please contact us via e-mail at: Contact person Ч Marina V. Vorobjova.


We are in grave need of financing for this project. If you are interested in our work and you can support us one way or another Ц we will happily accept your help. Our e-mail:

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